Tuesday, 10 January 2023

Victory at the Rally Rust3Dakar of our Teams - Thanks to all Sponsors

Our cars from the Ethics Expo stable with the related team Maurizio Lazzati, Dotti Daniele and Luca Persiani with Chiara Mancuso positioned themselves, also reaching the podium in third place. Well yes, we placed ourselves in third and fifth place of this incredible adventure that we advise you to do and of which we released a brief summary in the Telemantova broadcast on January 23rd of which we put the Telemantova Interview link below. Of course, the whole team that has prepared everything in this year and a half won, here it is in full force:

Pietro Setti, Emilio Pinotti, Maurizio Lazzati, Luca Persiani, Chiara Mancuso, Lorenzo Manzini, Daniele Gotti.

Thanks once again to the Sponsors and Supporters for their great contribution:

Austo s.r.l. ( ByErnest ) 

Archè 3D


San Martino  

Banca Etica

ILSA s.p.a.

AdHoc scf

Origini club Deal 


Cooperativa CSA

Molino Agostino venturelli

PH Farmaceutici  

Bassi s.r.l.



Golinelli Trasporti 

API Industria Mantova

Carrozzeria Nuova Reggiolese 

Alketa Art


Davoli Tim

Elif Studio 


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