Humans Pioneers Award

The international award for the best projects in the world at the service of humanity

The launch of the project will be in September 2021.

The names of the winners will be announced - on March 21, 2022.

The Humans Pioneers Award event is held annually.

Follow us to be updated on this incredible project and on about the winners.

In practice, there will be three "prizes" (in the sense that we will buy the three best ideas/projects and immediately make them public on the web), the best project will be paid € 1,000, the second € 300 and the third € 200.

Your projects must be:

  1. Absolutely new
  2. Not already patented, not publicly known and never participated in any other competitions
  3. Open-source

The projects will be chosen by a "jury" of Ethics Expo.

Goal: To carry out a project of common utility that can improve one of the following themes: people's social condition, environment, education, enhancement of the individual, e development or creation some new forms of labor, etc.

We are waiting for your projects by December 31, 2020 at [email protected] (please, make sure that the email's subject is "Project for Humans Pioneers Award".)

The projects not awarded during the year will be able to participate in subsequent editions.

With this project, Ethics Expo wants to contribute to the improvement of the planet and society by disseminating open-source projects that can be used freely and free of charge by visitors to the website.

N.B.: Payment by bank transfer (or by other method agreed with the winners) within 30 days after the final decision will be published.

Registration is free.

Ethics Expo staff